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Scott Thomas Outlar

February 2, 2015

Paramour in Paradise


seedy and salty

from the earth

the dust

and the ash

the piss and the shit

the storm of cancer

the crash of titans

the fall of nature

the Bible belt

has been flooded

get ready

for the fallout

this might be the big one

coming strong

with solar flare tendencies

and suicidal urges

in the basement

where the bones are kept

came out of the closet

ages ago

and began gnawing

on the skeletons

that had lived there

with the monsters

and the beasts

it was a feast

down to the marrow

where the maggots dwelt

and I loved

every Goddamn


as it dripped

down my chin

bloody saliva

my paramour

my long lost love

my ancient visage

my candlelight romance

come home tonight

that we may sacrifice

our flesh to each other

bring the carving blades

give thanks

to all the dead gods

that made our misery


if it weren’t for them

we’d not be able

to lick clean

all these dirty places

in the crevices

in the corners

where the heart aches

where the joints snap

where the tendons

are most moist

full of wet slime

mud and grime

swamp water sewage system

in my polluted veins

my warped mind

my sickened soul


has left the building

but not before

taking hostages

for the camera crew

the media vampires

the owls, the werewolves, the vultures

a blackened sky

a last remorse

a totaled future

in a six car pileup

piled on

pushed over



sissy coward

whore in the crack house

tripping on vitamins

slurping the rocks

for mineral decomposition

algae premonitions

apocalyptic prophecy

coming true

coming quicker

than we ever

could have imagined

it is an angel of death

it is a reaper with scythe

it is a ruptured lung

it is a fallen hero

it is a broken destiny

it is the devil’s laughter

it is the pit of hell

it is paradise

welcome home


Scott Thomas Outlar burst forth from the womb with thoughts of Renaissance, Revolution and Revelation careening around the neuron synapses of his newly enlivened consciousness.  He survived both the primordial fire and the cataclysmic flood – now he dances in celebration while awaiting the next round of chaos to commence.  His work has appeared recently in venues such as Underground Books, Dead Snakes, Dissident Voice, Black Mirror Magazine, Record, and The Chaffey Review.


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