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Olds Sleeper

February 2, 2015

this is an album. i think albums might be made for people who have free time. maybe you dont have any free time.

if you can put it on and do something else, that would be great. or put it on and go drive somewhere, take it with you and see how it fits the drive. or put it on a continuous loop and then drive off, get lost for a few hours, and return to the house and see if the room smells different after the album has played for six consecutive loops.

a lot of these songs are short. i recorded them at different times, when the feeling was strong. a notion hits…something takes over, and it all starts up in the mind. ignore it and it will be gone forever. let it take over and it unfolds almost unconsciously…. sometimes its recognizable only later, after leaving it behind for a bit….

an inner calling echoes back.

there are people in and around these songs. in a sense they are all real and in a way they are all fiction. i dont label much to be “truth”…its so elusive and means different things to different people. But these songs are my little piece of understanding at the moment. we all know the mind can turn inside out within a moment’s passing. then what? self-doubt. angst. the burning of unknowing.

if you’ve read this far, you must have time on your hands. i dont wear a watch or own a cellphone. i get freaked out by measurement and constant communication. being alone with your own thoughts is important.

so, i thank you for coming this far. maybe you understand this.

this is an album. it tells a story as a whole.

put it on and do something else. if you like it, share it.

live fiercely,
thank you.


Olds Sleeper makes all his music in Pennyslvania. He also records as Jellyspine Jenkins and Amnesia Girl. You can hear Olds at one of his many live performances, and listen to his albums and recordings online through bandcamp and soundcloud.




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