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M.P. Powers

February 2, 2015



The executioner is a pair of fuck me pumps,

And your hurting sexual lips.

Your crème brûlée.

I would like to know more

About it’s jollification,

And ask you my Sorellus, will you meet me

Under the milkmarion mistletoe some maundering

Maypole morning?

I wanna be the lunary in your cloud energies,

The light under your ocean,

Your Saladin,

Your herringbone song,

The sundust in your Aladdin’s lamp.


Hochzeit, Of First Night in Germany



Red sunset,

late September in Cologne,

and the flowery trees on the clear edge of the rocks

decorate the air,

as in a Japanese painting.


An amber raven stands on a piling in the river, observing.



Out of mulch and clover,

goat’s blood, trailing violet nightshade,

pearl moss,

snake’s venom,

the blossoming apple tree,

a dream once ripened and took form:


of Lorelei and the Rhinenymphs,

of Parsifal,

of Paracelsus the Occultist,

of Nietzsche burning candles

in a small room in Tautenburg;

those ever-divine,

incomprehensible aberrations

designed to drive

the salamander out of the brush

and into the ravening fire.




moonlight, and the vast, primordial Rhine

gropes along,

babbling softly

antiquity’s dark secrets,

its back glittering like a thousand dragon’s scales.



A white, visionary bird

sails through the thickening nightsky,

the soft thrash of its wings becoming echoes

caught in glass-mosaic,

magic horns

cradled by shadows;

a little alleyway

behind the Cathedral

where a wedding takes place: your own,

your bride,



The street-band playing Pachibel’s Canon

bonds you forever,

while in the damp breath

of some dark, thundering forest

an old thorn tree

with a heart carved in it,

carries in its arms the severed skulls and dry bones

of those you left behind.



Late September

in Cologne,

and a ladybug is paralyzed

in the wet stench

of poisonous mushrooms.


Night drags its clubfoot into the dawn.



M.P. Powers is the author of the novel Fortuna Berlin (Lumina Press, 2014). His poems have recently been published in Menacing Hedge, A-Minor Magazine, and Mas Tequilla. More info here:



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