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Joan Becht-Willette

February 2, 2015

The Unfolding


She stood tremulously at the threshold,
Her heart beating furiously
Against the ribcage of her life.
The very earth has shifted beneath her.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
The magic of the creation
Of her dreams has been activated.

Joyously and with trepidation,
She clutches her deepest desires invoked
From deep within the caverns in her soul.
After decades of beating her wings against the gilded cages,
Of long gone lovers, accomplishments, shattered youth
And other shards of self, she surrenders.
Her very being challenged by
The illumination of her true divinity.

Seductively, she slips out of the armor of her emotions,
No longer serving the fabric of her soul.
“Nothing will ever be the same,” whispers her soul.
She must fly against the currents of convention and expectation,
That held her ravaged, war torn selves captive.
As her wings unfurl, her heart opens
And she radiates all the love,
Passion and dreams of a luscious lifetime still yet to be.

“She who must be obeyed, she who cannot be denied,”
The Goddess Divine gently rumbles through her soul.
With dignity and grace, she evokes her soul’s
Passionate and mystical stirrings,
That call her to task, to transform
From the mundane to the sublime.

Bursting forth with unabashed joy, pleasure
And recognition of the Goddess seared in her soul,
She leaps out of bed, across the threshold of her dreams,
Wielding the magic wand of her heart cracked wide open.
To reveal that she has always possessed the magic and power
To give wings to her deepest, heartfelt desires.

She flies head on into the portal of her soul’s verdant longings,
And creates a life that is beyond her wildest dreams!
Then she draws back the veils of her enchanted life,
And she finds herself staring directly into the very eyes
Of her own sacred divinity.


Joan Willette is a passionate writer and lifelong educator, who has lived and taught in the Astoria (Queens, New York) area for most of her adult life. She graduated from St. John’s University with a B.S. degree in Education and a minor in English Literature. She also holds a M.S. degree in Special Education from Queens College. Joan is a member of the SARK Writing Community and Your Year of Miracles learning community. She is currently writing, “The Enchanted Goddess Lifestyle”, as well as a variety of poetry and prose selections.

Joan has read her work as a featured writer Inspired Word, Waltz-Astoria, Boundless Tales, Canvas of Words, Immigration Advancement Matters and Kea’s Spoken Word. Recently, she has collaborated with musicians from Inspired Word and Astoria Stand up, to lend flavor and magic to her featured performances. The Newtown Literary Journal has just published her poem, “Paradise Found in Socrates Park” in their Winter 2014 issue.



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