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Alex Stolis

July 27, 2014

Kairos [the intuition of the moment]


It wasn’t like dying. It was after that. Not the white/light/tunnel/loved ones

with answers; but dirt, ash, a puncture pin-hole in the sky. There was no wind,

it was more than still, it was coma-still. It wasn’t what we believed in or talked

about or thought it would be. It wasn’t being wrapped in the woolly fingers of

God. It was like that first time, right after we met. We made love, fucked really,

but we were mad for each other; all sweat/breath/fingers in hair/ frantic/ lips

on skin. I remember my heart pounding, hammering like I just popped a handful

of white crosses. It was dagger-quick; we were sharp, exploded into each other

and in that flash we knew. We felt it at the exact moment it etched itself on our

DNA. Afterward, there was no need to talk, it was still. It was like that; exactly.










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