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Kristy Webster

December 19, 2013

The Dream

I once knew a Dream who had no idea she was a Dream. She lifted the top of our heads and dipped her toes inside our slick brains. She gently carved into our heads an alphabet of images, some grainy, some sharp and muscular. Each morning our waking destroyed her, but in our sleep she rose again, forgetting what her fevers and floats had left behind, clueless of her repetition. Until one night inside one of our minds she stayed trapped, the images collapsing upon her. Night after night, she apologizes for the death of all other dreams to that tortured dreamer.


The Artist

I once knew a girl afraid of her own breasts. To overcome her fear, she began painting with them. She’d paint the nipple one color, and the rest of her breast indefinable patterns of her own making. Her paintings quickly became the talk of the art class. Though her bare breasts still frightened her, she loved how when she pressed her paint stained bosom to the canvas, paper, or wood, they resembled wildflowers, and sunflowers, a bright and thirsty garden.


The Shadow

I once knew a woman with no arms who fell in love with a man who had no legs. The shadow of their naked embrace resembled a spider. He boiled her noodles cooked al dente, how she preferred them. She carried him on her back so he could see the sunset from their porch. When he died, her body started to absorb her legs until they shrunk up inside of her. Her head absorbed what was left of the body until it too, disappeared. When the memory of her love came for her head, it melted her eyes like frozen stars, drowned every last speck of silver from her hair. All but the shadow of the two of them made whole remained.


Kristy Webster is the author of “Coco” a magical realism novella. She is also featured in an anthology of four women poets titled “The Haunt Box.” Several of her poems and short stories appear both online and in print journals such as: Siren, Pacifica Literary Journal, The Molotov Cocktail, Connotation Press, The Feminist Wire, The Ginger Piglet, and A Fly in Amber. She is currently working on a collection of short stories titled “Dream Dogs.”
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