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Caridad Moro

December 19, 2013



Wallace Stevens
I am without
blackbirds. I am
so fucked.

I rearrange my
aesthetic. Different
is best. Fuck!
shatters thumb.

Long before
I let her
kiss me,
I noticed
the Paxil
the Prozac
the unemployed
What the fuck
was I thinking?

What is it
about beauties
and their penchant
for Fuck-heads?

I never felt guilty,
until the day
he came out
and asked: how long
you been fuckin’
around on me?

These days
our vows fit
like rope pulled
taut against
my skin. I long
for the fuck me
hard days.

Think about it:
fucking and loving
are so close
on the verb chain,
but somehow
fucking always takes
the blame.

I read Buddha.
I read Ghandi.
I read King.
I still want to beat
the fuck out of you.

Some girls prefer
brooding silence
to the simplicity
of a resounding
Fuck you!

Tell the truth.
How many times
a week
do you get
fucked up?

What are you fucking doing in my house?
What are you doing fucking in my house?
What are you doing in my fucking house?

What do we think
of the evolution
of modern English
grammar? Fan-fucking-tastic!
Do we encourage
the manipulation
of language in this way?

A word
by any other
name is still
just a fucking word.



Caridad Moro‘s chapbook, Visionware, was published by Finishing Line Press as part of their celebrated New Women’s Voices Series. She was the recipient of a Florida Artist Fellowship in poetry from the State of Florida, as well as a Pushcart nominee. She is a Professor of English at Miami Dade College and an English Instructor for Dade County Public Schools in Miami, FL, where she resides.

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