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Ned Rain

July 22, 2013

I Inhale You Like the Stars On a Cold Winter Night Seem Closer


When I first

the first time
I touched your back

I could not believe how soft you were
the rest of you full of steel and ink
sealing your mouth

your mouth sealed with thin steel
& by your own hand
I saw that

saw you paint with your own
&  I
asked you if it hurt
you said


but there my hand was
and the warm soft of
was incredible

I inhale you

I still have that empty
of your scent
the one you used
for all those years you
couldn’t bathe &
peed in bottles
I remember
your thin mustache
in the sun
(it made you more feminine somehow)

that broken heart you gave me
as a warning

your heart
riven through
with steel

how could your back
– so soft and warm –
how could it be so soft?




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