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Diztrict Allstarz

July 22, 2013

Video by W. Miles Dupree



With a combined 92 years of experience in the music business, post-punk/post hip-hop pioneers DIZTRICT ALLSTARZ are right at home in the spotlight.

diztrict allstarzSpawned in Danbury, CT in 2009, the group is a collaboration between Connecticut hip-hop legend CEE REED and smartass O.G. post-punkers TOTAL DICK, whose synthed-out digital beats, funked-out bass lines and balls-out guitar riffs create the band’s musical foundation. Add Reed’s ill rhyme skills to the mix and the result is electrifying sound that cannot be pigeonholed, and keeps the fat booties shaking — DIZTRICT ALLSTARZ.

The band’s individual member have shared bills with acts including: De La Soul, The Ramones, The Flaming Lips, Dead Kennedys, Lupe Fiasco, Faith No More, The Damned, Elastica, The Gay Blades, Stereolab, Thor, Circle Jerks, fIREHOSE, Flipper, King Missile, Rollins Band, One Be Lo, Scream, Thurston Moore, 7 Seconds, Descendents, The Dead Boys, GWAR, Silencer, The Misfits, Agnostic Front and, of course, Richie Scarlet. ACCOLADES: “Darth Vader marshmallow.” – Moby


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