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Bunny Punch

July 22, 2013


With haunting vocal harmonies, soaring violin lines, and an en pointe rhythm section, Bunny Punch creates a sound that plays with the boundaries of freak folk and indie rock.



Bunny Punch was born out of the solo work of Jessie Shaffer.

Since the band’s beginnings in Brooklyn, New York in the summer of 2012, Bunny Punch has expanded on Shaffer’s intimate, yet dynamic style to create their current raucous sound that draws upon the genres of freak folk and indie rock in a simultaneously haunting and uplifting way. Retaining Shaffer’s violin and mandolin based approach to composition and her addiction to the layering violins and sassy vocal harmonies, Bunny Punch adds drums, electric guitar, and bass into the mix, creating a sound that is both otherworldly and gritty, and that in moments even ventures into the realms of garage and surf rock.



Holding down the rhythm section is drummer, Heather Courtney, who started out as a guitar player until she sat down at a friend’s kit four years ago and was hooked. She lives in Brooklyn and studies drum kit at The Collective in Manhattan. She collects cat T-shirts and loves whiskey. Courtney is joined by Da-Hea An on bass who tries to really serve the music with her solid, yet energetic bass lines. Next is Katy Stone, who lends her reverb heavy, surf rock influenced electric guitar stylings to this EP. Stone is perhaps best known for her time playing bass with the Los Angeles-based band, Goldenboy, but she has roots in folk and pursues her own solo work as well. Classically trained with a gypsy flavor, Rebecca Lee (aka Dr. Bex) brings the key element of violin to Bunny Punch with a sound that is both feisty and transcendent. Finally, Jessie Shaffer sings and plays mandolin and electric guitar for Bunny Punch. Also trained as a classical violinist, but with a more recent background in spunky freak folk-esque violin for the chamber folk trio, Cutleri, Shaffer’s biggest contribution to the band other than her songwriting are her gutsy, emotive vocal lines and poetic lyrics. There is a joke in Bunny Punch rehearsals that everyone in Bunny Punch has to sing for fear of Jessie’s wrath, however it is indeed this unique group of sopranos that give the band’s vocal harmonies their lofty quality and provides the icing on the cake for Bunny Punch’s sound.



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