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Alex Stolis

July 22, 2013

Second Law of Silence


Entropy always increases or remains constant in a silent system


Why do we have to go through this again? I’m not saying I’m right but goddamn
it every time we have these wordless arguments I leave and you remain, cloister
yourself in martyrdom [not out of a higher love; you are more stubborn than me]
For some reason [the death of your mother; father; the husband who doesn’t really
love you?] you do not seem to believe. You want to live life like there are no laws
or physics; you would defy [deny] them for the sake of love, poetry, art [because
that is what matters you say]. We have been around the block, you should know
how it works by now. There are rules and regs [it is what it is baby; I know how it
pisses you off when I say that] And yet you respond with silence [You see, since
silence can be modeled as a closed system; silence is considered to be entropic –
that is, running down.] You write me notes; post-its on the fridge; legal pad letters
under my door; scratch paper questions on the nightstand [always your side, never
mine; I wonder what that says about us] then there are the perfumed letters scattered
randomly [those seem to appear mostly after makeup sex] Then there was Plan B:
you cut your hair [in my bathroom] all Patti Smith; chop chop chop; to look hip/
edgy/sexy/cool [and damn you surely did. But really,] all I ever wanted was to be
your scarecrow man, black feathers falling at my feet; a lit match, your nothing
that you carry in your back pocket; the thing that takes the edge off a sonic boom.



Alex Stolis is a writer living in Minneapolis.

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