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Allie Marini Batts

October 29, 2012

dealer’s choice

give me a scene, she asked,
these three words don’t challenge me anymore.

let’s build a house from nothing,
an endless font of discreet failures and little deaths inside,
cards are our architecture,  as well as our game.
You may hold the deck, but there’s an Ace up my sleeve.
I’ll cut it, while you deal—and you’ll do it in style;
I’ll just have to trust that you’re dealing it straight,
the same way you’ll have to trust that I’m not counting the cards
as you fan them out in front of me.

I don’t question why the house always wins—
because, where’s the sport in that—after all,
it’s not difficult to erect a house of cards from
a fictional scene or three words,
it’s only hard to keep it standing
while I lose everything I put on the table
to build it.

Allie Marini Batts came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and she’s ALL out of bubblegum. Allie graduated from New College of Florida, meaning she can explain deconstructionism, but cannot perform simple math. Her work has appeared in over 100 literary publications her family hasn’t heard of.  Her chapbook, “With This Ring”, is finalist for the Casey Shay Press 2012 Mary Ballard Award.  Allie calls Tallahassee home because it has great trees to climb, and conveniently, her husband happens to live there, too. She’s pursuing her MFA degree in Creative Writing through Antioch University Los Angeles and…..oh no! it’s getting away!

To read more of Allie’s work, please visit, or to read her book reviews and literary blogging, visit Bookshelf Bombshells at

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