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Jonnie Miles

June 27, 2012

Discarded Items in NYC – A Photographic Work in Progress

 Pavement Grating

“Consumption, destruction and pollution of the planet continue to escalate. The fallout of our disposable society – a lot of garbage – is a common topic of discussion and concern. Ironically, many objects that have been discarded as worthless trash can be appreciated in their natural environment and when studied, can even take on a beauty of their own. I think that garbage is dependent on more than a single point of view.” ~  Jonnie Miles

 Plastic Sheeting Caught in Tree

“A garbage can, occasionally, to me at least, can be beautiful, that’s because your seeing. Some people are able to see that – see and feel it. I lean towards the enchantment, the visual power, of the aesthetically-rejected object” ~ Walker Evans

Trashed – Untitled 1


Jonnie Miles is a photographer and musician who hails from Scotland and has been living in New York City for the past thirty-five years. His photographs are published worldwide in advertising and editorial projects and are held in various private collections. In addition to African Rainforest Conservancy, Miles donates his fine-art photographs and collages to Youth In Focus (Seattle) and The Center for Photography at Woodstock, amongst others. He is presently contracted to Getty Images for commercial image sales. Since the 1970’s Miles has maintained a career as a creative musician in the field of rock, which includes the release of several albums by major record companies. Unfortunately, getting near the top of the Italian charts does not equal commercial success! Visit artist’s website Read ARC interview with artist
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