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Jennifer Moffett

June 27, 2012


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”   —C.G. Jung

Ghosts linger in tall grass
Where lime-green blades caress bare skin

The diamondback slides
A fleeting horrific shimmer
Into a black barrier of trees
To its narrow escape

And you
Digging obsessively
Flinging red clay in gummy clumps
Before you nudge me in

Where earthworms burrow blindly
In search of protection
Writhing like slender tongues
Slimy and cool

Behind my knees, between my thighs
Muddy s-curves on prickled skin
My eyes have rolled back when you climb in
Shovel abandoned for notebook and pen

A flame blooms and dims in your ancient pipe
Pungent smoke mingling with fresh dirt
Where you hover and pace
Scratching out symbols

Until your finger traces my jaw line
When you stoop down to whisper the news.



Jennifer Moffett received an MA in Creative Writing from The University of Mississippi. Her essays and book reviews have appeared in various print publications, including Jackson Free Press, Mississippi Magazine and Southern Breeze. She teaches creative writing and literature at a community college.

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