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June 27, 2012


Cutleri is an all-women trio who play an original blend of folk and experimental music, fashioning themselves as “chamber folk”.  Since their formation in early 2009, Cutleri’s varied approach to genre has led them to veer off into sea shanties, chamber music, operatic vocal lines, lyric and dissonant three-part harmonies, and raucous rhythms within their songwriting. We Sink Ships is Cutleri’s debut album, recorded and produced at Barefoot Flamingo Recording alongside the beautiful Delaware River in Barryville, New York.



Cutleri’s eclectic repertoire is accompanied by an unorthodox instrumentation drawn from John Cage and the Fluxus artists of the sixties that features the sound of candlesticks, typewriters, and gardening equipment, allowing the group to transmute traditional folk, and redefine the genre for a contemporary audience. The performance of more conventional instrumentation within the band is approached with this same inspiration in mind, leading to otherworldly, abrasive violin licks combined with slippery, psychedelic clarinet lines, all underpinned by a banjo sound that can be melodious and soothing one moment, and percussive and arrhythmic the next.

Cutleri is Jessie Shaffer (Fork), Heidi Harris (Knife), and Christen Napier (Spoon).




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